4th Annual TS Women’s Group Riding & Skills Clinics

This 7-week clinic coached by women for women, is sponsored by Tripleshot Cycling Club. The 1.5 hour clinic had 36 women registered this year and included sessions on runs  bike skills, mechanical workshops, group riding and the ever popular alley cat race wind up!

Sessions are developed to get women more confident and comfortable on their bikes and judging from the amount of women out on Greater Victoria roads, it’s working!  This clinic welcomes riders of all ages and abilities, highlighting the diversity of cycling as well as what the local = community has to offer.

Six new coaches were certified this year through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and include veteran racers, up-and-coming national team members and women who just love riding their bikes and sharing their knowledge (Brenna Pauly, Clara Mackenzie, Shannon Baerg, Jennie Atkin, Michelle Dann and Joanna Fox). 

Thanks to returning sponsors for 2015 – Accent Inns, Properties in Victoria Professionals Real Estate Team, Clif Luna bars, Rumble, Fernwood Coffee/Parsonage Cafe, Hoyne Brewing and Velofix. New sponsors include BBPhysio, Broad St Cycles, Trek Bicycle Store and StuckyLife!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact tripleshotclinic@gmail.com.

Youth Team News

Tripleshot Youth Team Benefits from 

Bridge the Gap National Youth Cycling Club Development Initiative

VANCOUVER, BC (Feb 27, 2015) - Since its launch in 2013, Global Relay’s Bridge the Gap Fund has played an integral role in the development Canadian road cyclists by assisting over a dozen riders in obtaining professional trade team contracts. However, in their ongoing search for up and coming talent, the board members of the fund determined that while Canada produces some exceptional young riders, there is no systematic development pathway of getting large numbers of kids involved in the sport of cycling. In response, the Fund has launched the National Youth Cycling Club Development Initiative, a pilot program to seed and develop youth cycling clubs in Canada.

As Managing Director Andrew Pinfold states, “In Canada we have a long history of achieving exceptional international results from a small pool of athletes. Systematically growing the number of youth exposed to cycling through high quality development programs will ensure even better results. Seeding youth development by supporting youth clubs to hire trained coaches will get more kids involved in racing and will expose them to coaching earlier on in their development.” 

The seeding model works by contributing small grants along with program guidance and mentorship to fledgling junior cycling programs in Canada. It is designed to solve the “chicken and egg” problem of needing to hire coaching staff to run programs that attract kids before sustainable revenues exist to pay coaches during the growth phase. Clubs would be supported with grants for two years during which time they would work towards financial sustainability.

For 2015, the Tripleshot Cycling Club in Victoria was chosen as the pilot club for the program. Lister Farrar, the program’s head coach, says the seeding grant will make a significant difference in his program.

“The Tripleshot Cycling Club youth program has enjoyed significant growth in the last two years, expanding to include more than 25 riders at the end of 2014. While this is what we want in many ways, it has created challenges for just one coach to suitably challenge a very diverse group of cyclists in terms of age and experience. The grant will allow our club to add a coach thereby increasing our capacity to grow and to provide our members with the best possible coaching.”

Co-coordinating the BTG’s youth seeding project is Brian Storey. Brian holds a PhD in education, Chairs the Sport Science Department at Douglas College and is president of Escape Velocity cycling club, which oversees Western Canada’s largest youth cycling program -Team DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics.

“It takes the long view to develop game changing infrastructure,” says Storey. “True to their name, the BTG board has identified a significant gap in our current development infrastructure. Youth-focused clubs with clear program plans, recruitment strategies, and coaching development plans are the long-term solution to sustainably widening the base of our cycling development pyramid in Canada.”

BTG’s club-seeding model has already garnered the support of the Canadian Velo Event Management Society (CEVS), which organizes the Prospera Valley Gran Fondo and is a proponent of cycling development among youth. BTG is proud to announce that CEVS, has signed on to support stage two of the pilot that aims to support three additional clubs in 2016. 

To find out more about the program or how to contribute to this initiative, please contact Bridge the Gap’s managing director Andrew Pinfold.

About Global Relay: Global Relay is the world leader in cloud-based messaging, archiving and search technology for the financial sector. Global Relay is headquartered in Gastown, with offices in New York, Chicago, London and Singapore. In 2012, Global Relay invested $1 million to bring back and operate the Gastown Grand Prix, Canada’s most prestigious criterium, which attracts some of North America’s top cyclists and crowds of 20,000 to the streets of historic Gastown in Vancouver each July, as part of BC Superweek. Also, in June 2014, Global Relay joined forces with Cycling Canada to grow cycling in Canada and help Canada become one of the world’s top cycling nations by 2020. The four-year $500,000 partnership is focused on sponsorship of the Canadian National Teams and the Canadian Road Cycling Championships.

Contact: Andrew Pinfold, Director, Global Relay Bridge-the-Gap Fund, 778-839-5275, andrew.pinfold@grbridgethegap.com

TripleShot leaves its mark on Cycling BC record books for 2014

CBC’s Provincial Awards night, the first in five years, kicked off with awards for cycling clubs and the chain-ring style medals presented to club coach Lister Farrar were just the beginning of a hardware collection for the club.

Tripleshot was awarded the “2014 Road, Track and Cyclocross Club of the Year” and the “Club with the Best Youth Development Focus”, a nod to the talent that has been developing thanks to support from the club and the BC Gaming Commission over the past few years.

Lister received the “Youth Coach of the Year” award and tied with Jeff Ain and Kurt Innes for  “Road, Track and Cyclocross Coach of the year”.

And then came the athletes. In attendance in Burnaby, after a challenging Castle Cross event that featured snow, mud and a donkey, were U13 Provincial Track Champion Toria Kalyniuk and U15 Provincial Track Champion Riley Pickrell. Sarah Van Dam was recognized for her U15 Road and Track titles and Lachlan Fraser for U15 Road title.

2014_10_04_Lister Toria Riley at Provincial Awards


Riley Pickrell, Lister Farrar and Toria Kalyniuk with their awards. 






Jay Lamoureux Joins Red Truck

After weighing several team offers, Jay Lamoureux has joined Team Trek Red Truck for the 2015 season.  Jay’s stellar season was capped with a fantastic 3rd place at the National u23 Road Championships (12th overall behind Svein Tuft of the Protour’s Green Edge team), after placing 8th at the Provincial Road Championships, winning the VCL series, setting the second fastest time of the year at Sidney TT.  But most of all, Jay has shown he’s a focussed and determined cyclist, sticking to the training plan, through tough weeks and often training on his own.  But he also found the time to ride with Tripleshot one or two mornings a week.

Jay joins a growing list of Tripleshot riders who have joined regional, national and continental sponsored teams, including Dylan Cunningham, Adam de Vos, and Anika Todd. 

For younger riders wondering what making a team like this means, it’s quite a bit. You don’t get paid, but a lot of expenses are covered.  A top -of-the line bike is provided, plus race wheels, travel, entry and license expenses, race food, a team director, tents, trainers, and chairs at notable races.  And in Trek Red Truck’s case, athletes are encouraged to stay in school through scholarships of up to $1500.