Looking for an early-morning-group ride followed by coffee? You’ ve come to the right place.

Tripleshot Cycling is a bunch of guys and girls – adults by age but childish in character that generally have families and/or schedules such that morning riding works out much better than anything else. Most rides end with coffee, which is optional but strongly encouraged. We also have a junior racing team for youth 9-18 which takes part in most rides, as well as separate training sessions. There is a dedicated coach, Lister Farrar, and support from the club and the BC Gaming Commission.

If you’ d like to join us, come on out and see what it’ s all about. Introduce yourself on the forum or when you come out for the first time. If you enjoy the rides, club membership is $30 (Jan-Dec) + Cycling BC insurance, and jerseys are ordered two or three times a year. If you stay for coffee, we take turns buying a round. The junior race team is an additional monthly fee for coaching.

We have A, B and C rides. “A” riders are quicker with an all out sprint for the last few kilometers. B rides (Often B1 & B2) are a bit slower and regroup after hills. The C group is slower yet, and rides to the pace of the slowest person.

If the roads are wet, fenders with crap flaps (almost touching the ground) are mandatory. If it’ s dark, lights are required: white on the front, solid red on the back.

See you bright and early.