Become a Member

Tripleshot Cycling Club is sanctioned by Cycling BC. In order to ride with us you first need to become a member of Cycling BC (for insurance coverage).

  1. Sign into CCNBikes to purchase your 2016 Cycling BC Membership. Create a profile (if you do not already have one) and then search for Cycling BC in the search box. If you plan to race, purchase a UCI or Citizen Licence. If you don’t think it’s even remotely possible that you will race then buy Associate Club insurance. Whatever type of license you purchase, choose Tripleshot as your club.
  2. After you’ve completed your purchase Cycling BC will send you a confirmation email and an email with your Cycling BC license number (attached as a pdf file). Record this number, as you will need to provide it when registering with Tripleshot Cycling Club.
  3. Go to the BikeReg Main Page and enter “Tripleshot” in the search box. This is where you will purchase your Tripleshot club membership. If you have not previously created a profile with BikeReg you will need to do so before you can register.

 Support our Youth program!

Tripleshot Cycling Club sponsors a youth development program that is headed by senior coach Lister Farrar with assistance from Bryson Bowers. The program currently involves about 30 riders aged 10-17. Tripleshot provides $8K per year for coaching, which leverages additional support from a BC Gaming Grant and a youth development grant from Global Relay’s “Bridge the Gap” program. We are currently working to develop a model that will enable the program to become self-sustaining, but in the meantime we can always use additional funds to support our coaching needs and the associated costs with assisting our youth riders to travel to regional, provincial, and national events. Please consider making a generous donation when you complete your TSC club registration and let’s make sure our Youth Program continues to grow and excel.

For the Youth Racing Team, contact Coach Lister Farrar to discuss joining the team