Youth Teams

Youth Team & Performance Program

Tripleshot Youth Team

This successful youth program continues to develop riders with an emphasis on a cohesive training group and team racing tactics.

Certified coaches offer five to seven sessions per week, year round, using a multidiscipline approach, with four seasons, switching from gym and mountain bike, to road, to track to cyclocross, meeting the recommendations of Cycling Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model. This seasonal approach keeps cycling fresh, and allows more training without burnout, and helps meet kids’ social and athletic needs. It accommodates riders who do other sports. Coached by Tripleshot Head Coach and youth coaches, it offers progression through skill development, entry-level competition, to high performance training plans and preparation for provincial and national selection events.

griffen_2016 cross provincials_grouip

The races are an integrated part of the program, once riders are comfortable with their skills.  A roster of boys and girls form U13-U19 will attend up to 20 races per year, receive travel assistance and race support. With an average roster of 25 riders in these age groups (a new U11 program planned for 2017), the 2016 youth team celebrated its sixth year by bringing home 50+ provincial championships titles, 10+ national championships titles and four Canadian records. Cycling BC has recognized Head Coach Lister Farrar as the 2016 Cycling BC Coach of the Year and the 2015 Cycling BC Youth Coach of the Year; he is assisted by Bryson Bowers, Matt Patriquin, Nick Patenaude and Brenna Pauly.   Youth members contribute to the community by coaching young riders in the Greater Victoria School Bike League and Margaret Jenkins Elementary School Bike Club (~80 riders). Riders include Griffin Hart, Isla Walker, Remy Garrison and Aedan Crocker, multiple provincial podiums and Island race champions.

Tripleshot Performance Program

An evolution of the successful youth program supported by the Tripleshot Cycling Club, the Tripleshot Performance Program (TPP) prepares ambitious riders aiming for national team selection, through training and racing together. The TS Performance Program is a daily training environment program, based on careful progression to ensure improvement and healthy development, and reducing risk of overtraining. It is designed to accommodate full time school attendance. Coached by Olympian (1992) and two-time Olympic Coach Kurt Innes and assisted by the Tripleshot Head Coach and youth coaches, TPP will have a race team component to further the philosophy of team synergy.   

sarah_2016 TT

2017 Team: Megan Barnes, Eloi Batista, Casey Garrison, Carter Nieuwesteeg, Brenna Pauly, Ethan Pauly, Riley Pickrell, Sarah Van Dam.

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Donations to the teams are most welcome to offset training and travel costs. Thank you! 

Lister Farrar, Head Coach

Named Coach of the Year for 2016 and Youth Coach of the Year for 2014 by the Cycling BC members, Lister has been a cyclist since he was 14 and first raced in novice events leading up to the 1973 Ontario Games. A native of St. Catharines, ON, who moved to BC in 1992, he is a product of a supportive cycling network of family, club, and coach, Colin Hearth, that produced a disproportionate number of international medallists.  In fact, it was Lister’s Dad who gave Steve Bauer a lift to his first bike race in the family van bought specifically to transport Lister and his brother Tim to events.  In Steve’s book, he thanks Lister for showing him a few key things when he was starting out. The St. Catharine’s Cycling Club continues to influence Lister’s approach to cycling.

A graduate of McMaster University (BPE) for the theoretical side, Lister has several National Championship track medals as a member of the Ontario team, including a national championship in team pursuit. He raced Cat 1 until 1988 – highlights being two top-15 results in the Ontario Road Championships – when a back injury educated him to the importance of flexibility in endurance sport. That lesson allows him to continue to compete in cyclocross and road, often with his family, club mates and coached athletes.

His approach to coaching is analytical, planned, and careful, but also powered by insights into race situations and mental strategies that can turn a difficult race moment into an empowering opportunity. He shares the approach of his first club that group rides are a supportive way to train together that result in making everyone stronger.  This approach is well illustrated during Tripleshot Cycling Club rides where stronger riders do longer pulls on the front and everyone regroups after hills and sprints.

He recommends a biomechanical assessment at the beginning of a program with physiotherapist Barb Bialokoz (information at bottom of page). This assessment will not only check for muscle tightness or weakness that should be addressed early in training, but is the basis for a identifying a comfortable, powerful and aerodynamic position on the bike.


Kurt Innes, Performance Coach:

A 1992 Olympian, 6-time Canadian Cycling Champion, and two-time recipient of the Coaches Association of Canada Coaching Excellence award (98 & 99) – Kurt has achieved excellence as an Olympic Athlete, and as an Olympic Coach. As a coach, Kurt contributed to the achievement of medal winning performances for multiple athletes at World Championship, Commonwealth/Pan-Am and Olympic Games events.

Youth Team Assistant Coaches:

Bryson Bowers: A former national road team rider, Bryson started riding competitively in Grade 11, rode for Red Truck in 2010-2011 and this is his third year working with the youth team riders.

Matt Patriquin: With a background in competitive triathlon and road, not to mention a heavy duty mechanic, Matt is a great addition to the team. 

Brenna Pauly: The youth team’s very first member has proven herself time and again in her racing and coaching. Most recently a member of the 2016 National Team Pursuit Champions, Brenna is training with the Performance Team and coaching both the youth team and the Tripleshot Women’s Clinic. 

Nick Patenaude: Certified through Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, Nick runs the winter dryland and spin programs for the youth team. 

Cycling Specific Physical Assessment and Bike Fitting

Barb Bialokoz, a physiotherapist and cyclist, is recommended for  bike fitting services. Barb and Dave McLeod will provide you with the understanding and tools to develop a strong sustainable position on the bike and achieve the speed and power that you could have. they incorporate bike-specific tests with an orthopedic examination to evaluate:

  • Neurodynamic flexibility
  • Muscle length, strength and imbalances
  • Adaptability to a cycling position

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