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Post TS Cross Fondo

Post by joannafox » Tue Oct 18, 2016 8:22 am

I'm sure many of you feel as Lister and I do - very tired, but very very proud of the energy, commitment and sense of fun from the kids, parents, friends and TS club members (volunteers AND riders) to pull off the first TS Cross Fondo! There must have been almost as many volunteers as riders to pull this event off in it's first year. We learned a lot with this event and despite all of the challenges, what the 120 riders from 11-70 years of age saw was a GREAT EVENT.....and they want to do it again! Thank YOU all for being such an amazing club that supported us from the first mention at the 2015 AGM!

Here is a link to the FB page where our volunteer photographer Vincent Whiteveen's photos are on full display. He really did capture the day so well. ... 120433735/

And here are some super posts from our Tripleshot CrossFondo Riders that we received on Sunday!

From 40KM men's winner Clayton Hiltz: Hello! Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for running such an awesome event yesterday! The whole ride was loads of fun and absolutely everything was clearly super well organized. Apologies for not sticking around for the awards, I had a 4yr old birthday to attend at 2:) Hopefully the event was a success on your end and I really hope all parties can get on board and make this an annual event!

From 4th place finisher 40KM men's event, Andrew Pitre: Hey Tripleshot; Just expressing a big congratulations and thank you for such an amazing day on the cross bike yesterday. So cool to see a new race on the cross scene. It was such a well organized event. I thought the course was excellent and well planned out. Very cool to link up some new trails that I have never been on before, find myself in new barns new fields, and connect to some new riding areas. There was one section where I was like ‘oh…I guess we made it to the back of the dump’. And so many great touches of good support and event organization such as the burger and beer, great support from the Tripleshot youth, washing the bikes (made us riders feel like a pro), the podium presentations, and even down to the flower/muffin centre pieces. Very nice touches Tripleshot! Congratulations on an inaugural and successful event. You and your crews should be very proud of the effort. Hope to get a chance to race it again next year! Thanks!

From the Mum of Emmy Lan (12) who challenged Brynn Johnston (11) to the finish line of the 40Km ride: I just wanted to send a quick email to say thanks for organizing such a great event. My 12-year-old daughter raced and had a great time. Cheers!

From Greg Fennell, who rode with his wife in the 40KM and crossed the line together (one of several couples riding the event): To everyone who helped create/support/run the TS X-Fondo,That was awesome! Thanks so much for the great route, support, food, info, etc. We certainly hope the youth team also received the financial benefit that was being sought - I've no doubt next year will be bigger! Can't wait for next year!

From a friend of the Garrison family who has competed in many large events (marathons, MOMAR, Tough Mudder): Thanks gang for a absolutely great ride today. I had a blast. The event was top notch - very well run. The course was well marked and marshalled. Great volunteers out there. The entire Tripleshot team that put this together deserves a great big congratulations! Looking forward to doing it again next year!

You all are seriously awesome! , Lister and Joanna

PS - we are still working through the accounting to see how we ended up $$. Stay tuned.

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Re: Post TS Cross Fondo

Post by Rolf » Tue Oct 18, 2016 9:54 am

Joanna: I posted my thanks and good feelings elsewhere, but a few days have gone by and the warm glow of gratitude hasn't subsided. Before you finalize your accounting, is there a way I could make a further online donation to the youth program? (I know you have fondo jerseys for sale, but I need more kit like a hole in the head.)

Maybe PM/email me? Thanks again to you and the rest of the incredible volunteers for everything!
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Re: Post TS Cross Fondo

Post by mfarnham » Tue Oct 18, 2016 10:36 am

To Joanna, Lister, and all the other volunteers:

This was so much fun. It was a great ride with great camaraderie and tons of encouragement from marshalls and other riders along the way. I know the storm threw a bit of a wrench in the setup works and made for a rushed morning, but I didn't see any signs of it as a rider.

I feel like this is a great new feather in the Tripleshot cap. I hope it makes sense to keep it going. It was super fun to ride and made me feel proud to be a member. And proud of all the kids did to help their parents and Lister pull this off.

Way to go guys!


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