2016 Annual General Meeting - Tuesday November 29th

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2016 Annual General Meeting - Tuesday November 29th

Post by John D » Thu Oct 20, 2016 1:49 pm

Please be advised that the 2016 Tripleshot AGM will be held in the "Wild Rose Room" at the UVic University Club on the evening of Tuesday, November 29th, starting at 6:30pm. An official agenda will follow shortly.

The Management
"Talk - Action = Zero" - Joe Keithley

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Re: 2016 Annual General Meeting - Tuesday November 29th

Post by John D » Sun Nov 27, 2016 2:40 pm

Minutes from the Tripleshot Cycling Club 2015 AGM
(6:30-9:00pm, December 1st 2015 at the UVic University Club)
Approximately 40-45 people in attendance

Call to order – Barton Bourassa seconded by Dave Atwell

Motion to accept the 2014 AGM minutes - Steve Lund, Neil Forrest seconded. Motion carried unanimously


TSC Race events: Hosted two VCL speedway races in 2015, marshaled the legislature criterium in the Robert Cameron Law Cycling Series

Non-race TSC events: Big Loop ride, Hurricane Ridge

TSC’s BC Gaming Grant was renewed for 3rd year, supporting both junior and masters level coaching

Further expansion to TSC junior program, TSC women’s clinic

New TSC events: Thursday Women’s ride has become a regular event

Community involvement: participated in the 2015 MEC Bikefest, organized the 2nd annual TSC Backpack ride for the Mustard Seed (which raised 800 pounds of food and $400 in cash)

Plans for 2016

TSC Race events (4 VCL Speedway races, Legislature Crit, Provincial TTT)

New TSC events (TSC summer Velodrome BBQ)

Expand our community involvement. Any ideas?

Tripleshot Cross-Fondo presented by Bear Mountain. This goal of this mass-participation event is to
raise more funds to support the TSC junior program

Shout-outs and thank-yous:
- our small but tireless army of TSC volunteers
- The parents of our Tripleshot Juniors
- Hugh Hart, Roland Rabien, John Taylor
- Lister Farrar – the hardest working cycling coach in BC
- The rest of the TSC Executive Committee
- My unofficial ‘advisors’ – you know who you are
- All of you for coming out tonight

TSC ran a balanced budget for 2015 and ended up with a $1017.60 surplus
TSC had 190 registered members in 2015 – we had only budgeted for 140

Budget for 2016
- New expenses: equipment – race banners, repairs to tents and tent bags
- Special projects – increase this line item to offset unanticipated costs from the X-Fondo event
- We are accumulating money in the bank – structure a deficit for the next budget

Motion to accept the budget as presented: Hugh Hart, Dave Attwell seconded. Motion carried unanimously

Motion to waive the need for an audit of club expenses: Norm Marcy, Louise Wallace seconded. Motion carried unanimously

Report on the Tripleshot Juniors Program
Growth – 30 riders between ages 10 and 16
We now have 4 coaches
We run 4 workouts a week, Fall 7 workouts
Ran a program to get TSC junior riders to national track championships
TSC juniors won 11 medals out of 36 that they contested
Their success – contributions of Kurt Innis and Velodrome – help a huge amount
Riley Pickrell and Sarah Van Dam were underage for Nationals
Collaborating with other youth clubs – agreeing on monthly training camps, trying to do composite teams
Need to find a way to replace money from Global Relay – CrossFondo event may supply this.
How to maintain success at track national, etc.
TS youth won 50% of the Cross on the Rock events
TSC juniors won 15 out of 54 medals at BC cross provincials
Erin Attwell: Tour de Rimouski u19 and won Bronze in youth national

Global Relay Grant funds will help to pay Bryson Bowers for coaching services
Have secured two additional volunteers coaches
Aiming for more coaches - need to find more money to pay coaches
Parents are already paying a big chunk – hoping the Cross-Fondo can raise a bunch
Money from TS is being used to leverage other funds (Gaming grant, Global Relay, etc.)
Track Nationals are being moved to April (i.e. within the school year)
Riders are starting to attract individual sponsors – how to deal with this?

The following members have agreed to put their names forward:
John Dower for President
Barton Bourassa for Vice- President
Brian Einarson for Treasurer
Paula Shaw for Secretary
Hugh Hart for Junior Program Liaison
Michelle Dann for Director at Large
Alan Cassels for Director at Large
Steve Lund for Director at Large
Al Wilhelm for Director at Large

Call for any other nominations from the floor. None put forward.

Motion to accept the nominees as listed above: John Taylor, seconded by Jim Pauly. Motion carried unanimously.

"Talk - Action = Zero" - Joe Keithley

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