Tripleshot Executive Committee for 2017

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Tripleshot Executive Committee for 2017

Post by John D » Thu Nov 24, 2016 3:20 pm

Hi all;

As per the BC Society Act, one of the things we do at the AGM is to elect members for the Tripleshot Executive Committee. Let me begin by thanking the following 2016 Executive members who (having done an excellent job in helping run the club!) have already or will soon be stepping down: Barton Bourassa, Steve Lund, Brian Einarson, Paula Shaw, Hugh Hart, and Michelle Dann.

The following club members have put their names forward to stand for election to the 2017 Tripleshot Executive Committee:

Martin Farnham - for Vice-President
Al Wilhelm - for Treasurer
Marcus Gill - for Secretary
Alan Cassels - for Director (sponsorship)
Craig Bosenberg - for Director (youth program liaison)
Mary Griffin - for Director
Amy Errington - for Director
Neil Forrest - for Director

I hope you will agree that these folks have already displayed a strong commitment to Tripleshot and would therefore make outstanding additions to the Executive. Earlier this year I informed the Exec that 2016 would be my last year as president. However, in light of a few recent developments, I have been convinced to stick around for one more year to see these projects to completion. If elected, 2017 will be my last year on the Executive before turning pro. :wink:

As per usual, there will be call for other nominations from the floor at the AGM on November 29th. However, if you intend to nominate someone else to run against any of these people I would respectfully ask that you please post your intention to do so, in order that we can arrange to have ballots ready in advance.

John Dower
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