Christmas Par-tay post mortem

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Christmas Par-tay post mortem

Post by Alan » Mon Dec 05, 2016 8:20 pm

We needed another thread for this, so here we go:

For those conspicuous absences from the Tripleshot Christmas party, let me say first of all, you have lame excuses for missing the par-tay of the year. Rolf wasn't there because he had to celebrate his Swissness with other Victoria Swiss people where they all dance around wearing Lederhosen, smelling like goats and drinking large quantities of bad beer. Geoff couldn't make it because Mandy was being feted at a gala (pronounced "Gay-Lah') in Toronto for running a cool hotel chain or something like that. Dave Spiers and Bill Ethier weren't there because a tiling job was more important than our party. Steve Lund?? Apparently in Mexico but I don't follow him on Strava (too boring artistically) so I have absolutely no way to verify why he kept our our Post hostage.... Pete and Mike Lawless? Inquiring minds want to know...maybe it was the night of the BC Government Lawyer Love-in.... And Eric Simonson? Missing in action dude. Luckily your Bro'-in-law was there to share some Eric stories.
Thanks for all those who made an incredibly fun evening with totally scrumptious food. And Dave Attwell: your slide show was awesome. Thanks for including the selfie of me and Alan Boden in the hospital.
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Re: Christmas Par-tay post mortum

Post by Claire » Tue Dec 06, 2016 2:41 am

Super awesome party of bike geeks, that was! I like the idea floated about that everyone should arrive in helmets - so we have at least a fleeting chance of recognizing fellow club members in their natural plumage.

Another notable absence was... meatballs! WTF - all last year's meatballers were worried about being upstaged again by more elaborate meatballs? Grow a pair and ball up, people. What's a buffet table without meatballs??

To all those who chose to make dinner dishes over dessert dishes - our pancreases and lazy-slash-snowbound asses are thankful. We nearly ran out of dinner food as it was, but staved off starvation thanks to a few late arrivals (and, luckily for the imbibers, there were liquid calories at the bar to fill in any remaining gaps).

Thanks to all who provided tasty food, free drinks, unpaid labour, ironed slacks, coiffed hair (I didn't even know we had so many club members with hair!), engaging conversation and a festive atmosphere. It was a great kick-off to the eating and visiting season!

Now, will someone please make the snow and ice go away so I can go back to slamming mega mileage? 2016 isn't over yet!

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