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Cycling BC EGM

Post by Bosie » Wed Mar 08, 2017 12:49 pm


Everyone will have received (or will receive ) an invitation to vote at an Extraordinary General Meeting of Cycling BC to accept the changes in the bylaws that the Board has proposed.

The details are set out in the email. Essentially the bylaws needed to be revised because of the BC Societies act changes. The changes bring the bylaws in line with the act.

in addition, and probably more importantly, the Board took the opportunity to revise the bylaws and change the terms of the Directors and stagger their election. This is seen as a critical change for the health of the organization by the current Board:

Cycling BC has enjoyed a fairly challenging recent past with 3 new Executive Directors and 3 completely new Boards elected in the space of 3 years by virtue of bylaws that insist on 1 year terms. This has created a situation where there is very little organizational memory (and frankly oversight).

The current Board is committed to changing this and improving the governance and oversight of the Organization and believe that this, along with the appointment of the new Executive Director, are important steps in this direction.

I would ask, and encourage, everyone to vote in Favor of these changes so that we can continue to build the organization and Cycling in BC.


Craig B.

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Re: Cycling BC EGM

Post by jbarrett » Sat Mar 25, 2017 3:47 pm

You can vote now till March 30th.

Just print out the ballot from link below, scan it and e-mail it in to the E-mail provided

Here's the link. ... -170377773


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