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Observatory Hill RULES TO FOLLOW Police your group

Post by norman marcy » Fri Apr 28, 2017 10:08 pm

*Subject:* *Cycling Safety on Observatory Hill*

Hello Cyclists,

Spring is struggling to make its presence felt, but I’m sure warmer temperatures are on the way. It seems timely to remind everyone of the importance of cycling safety on Observatory Hill.

*Over the past year there have been at least three cycling accidents on the hill that required medical attention.*Other incidents resulted in more minor injuries and damage to bikes. The actions and conditions that led to these accidents varied, but they all they serve to remind us of the need to ride safely.

Thanks again to all of you riders who have demonstrated leadership and practised safe cycling on Observatory Hill. Unfortunately, I still get reports of a few individuals who think the rules do not apply to them. Your continued assistance in policing those individuals is greatly appreciated. **


A few important reminders and rules to abide by when accessing Observatory Hill:

·*Our facility is a 24/7 operation*with ongoing construction projects. A closed gate does not mean there will not be vehicular traffic on the road nor does the gate impede the walkers, hikers and wildlife from access.


·Our busiest commuting period is M-F 8:00 am – 9:30 am and 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm. Group cycling activities should be avoided during these periods.


·*Public events*at the Centre of the Universe will be held on Saturday nights throughout the summer. There will be *no cycling access during these evenings*. In addition, we anticipate additional bus traffic throughout the week this summer.

·*Summer day camps*will be occurring July 4 – Aug 25 M-F 8:00 am – 4:30 pm and during that period no cycling access beyond the turnabout loop north of the White House will be permitted.

·*Respect posted speed limits*at all times, especially near the buildings where there is abundant pedestrian traffic and a blind corner. Always *stay in your lane*.

·*Helmets are mandatory*, in accordance with BC Law.

·*Cycling traffic is not permitted around the 1.8 m Dome.* Signage indicates that this is for pedestrians only.

·Cyclists who are training or in groups are asked to use the turn-about loop located between the White House and the smaller telescope dome (near the concrete water tank) as their upper point of return.

·Absolutely *no off-road cycling* is permitted on site whatsoever.

·If training in groups please try to keep spread out so as not to impede traffic and permit passing. Do not congest the travelled portions of the roadway – use parking areas for rest or discussion.

Observatory Hill is the property of the National Research Council Canada and *safety is our utmost priority*.

We appreciate your continued support in encouraging all cyclists to abide by our rules and to exercise caution at all times. Please help all of us by disseminating this message to your cycling colleagues. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns and please report any unsafe conditions or incidents.

Thank you all and safe cycling!

Clyde Donnelly, FMA
Site Operations Supervisor

Administrative Services and Property Management / Direction des services administratifs et gestion de l'immobilier
National Research Council Canada / Conseil national de recherches Canada
5071 W Saanich Rd, Victoria, V9E 2E7
Government of Canada / Gouvernement du Canada

Phone 250 363 0004 \ Cel 250 888 1093 \ Fax 250 363 0077 \ Clyde.Donnelly@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca <mailto:Clyde.Donnelly@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca>

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