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Purchase your 2019 Tripleshot Membership

Post by mfarnham » Mon Dec 04, 2017 7:46 pm

You can now purchase your 2019 Tripleshot membership by clicking here:

https://ccnbikes.com/#!/events/2019-tri ... membership

For insurance reasons, you have to purchase a minimum of a Cycling BC Provincial Ride License when you buy your Tripleshot membership. The process of buying Tripleshot membership and a license through Cycling BC is integrated, so you can purchase your membership and your license at the same time and on the same website. If you have comments on the setup of the membership purchasing site, feel free to pm me.

Note that if you plan to race in Masters Nationals in June, you will need a UCI license. For more information about licensing options see https://cyclingbc.net/membership/registration/

You can upgrade to a UCI license at a later date (they will credit the amount you paid for your Provincial Ride license toward the purchase of your UCI license).

There is also information there about early-bird pricing (ends Jan 6) and family pricing for licenses. Note that there is no early-bird or family pricing for Tripleshot Membership, because even at full price, it's a pretty good deal.

To attend our rides, you must own one of the licenses sold through Cycling BC and be a member of the club.


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Re: Purchase your 2019 Tripleshot Membership

Post by mfarnham » Fri Feb 08, 2019 4:27 pm

Hi folks,

Please show your support for Tripleshot and all it provides you by purchasing membership if you haven't done so yet. If you're riding with us and you don't carry Cycling BC insurance, you're exposing Tripleshot and Cycling BC to legal liability on every ride you do.

For those who are members of other clubs, such as Victoria Wheelers, you're welcome to ride with us so long as you have Cycling BC insurance. However, we do ask that if you intend to do more than 10 rides in a year with us, you purchase membership. We ask our members to do the same for the other clubs they ride with.

The following 249 people have purchased their membership for 2019 (updated July 20). If you notice someone out on a ride who has not yet joined, please remind them politely to get their $%^& together. Thanks for your support!


2019 Tripleshot Cycling Club Members (this list is regularly updated)
Abdul Yilla
Adam Fawkes
Alan Boden
Alan Cassels
Alan Cook
Alen Fazlagic
Alex Armitage
Alex MacLennan
Alexander Heinzemann
Amy Errington
Andrew Barrett
Andrew Lamoureux
Andrew McDonald
Andrew Neale
Ann Patrick
Anne Webster
Anton Fischer
Ased Said
barton bourassa
Bernie Pauly
Bill Percival
Blair Robertson
Bonnie Gunderson
Brad Speirs
Brad Zarikoff
Brian Einarson
Brian Sinclair
Brian Wawro
Bruce Macrae
Bud Sabiston
Caroline Hughes
Carolyn Bennett
Casey Garrison
Celeste Chan-An Wang
Chandra Fisher
Chiaki Hashimoto
Chloe Christensen
Chris Bruckner
Chris Donkers
Chris Reck
Christian Bugslag
Christine Massey
Claire Morgan
Clayton Hiltz
Connor Bosenberg
Craig Bosenberg
Craig Smith
Curran Crawford
Dan Barton
Dan McLaughlin
Daniel Warder
Darryl Buchanan
Dave Attwell
Dave Flavell
David Dallin
David Garrison
David Hill
David Karn
David Ormerod
David Ranson
Deborah Miller
Deborah Snell
Deidre Matheson
Denise Mahon
Dolly Freigang
Dorothy Skinner
Elena Hagedorn
Eli Geisler
Emile Stubblefield
Eric Guillemot
Eric Partlow
Eric Simonson
Ethan Dallin
Garth Campbell
Geoff Wong
Gerry luco
Grant Hill
Greg Miller
Gregory Fennell
Griffen Hart
Heather Michael
Heather Ranson
Heather Simonson
Heidi Mierau
Hugh Hart
Ian Abbott
Ian Hendry
Isaac LeBlanc
Isla Walker
James Barry
James Davison
James Pauly
James wallace
Janet Neale
Jason Wale
Jenna Peters
Jeremy Scofield
Jessica Planeta
Jill Plasteras
Joan MacArthur
Joanna Fox
Joe Barrett
John Dower
John Fyfe
John Holdstock
John Holland
John Silman
John Taylor
Jolanta Piszczek
Jonathan Hart
Julia Brachman
Justine Johnson
karen trenholm
Katherine Dann
Katherine Woodhouse
Kathleen Smith
Kathryn Beaulac
Keely Hammond
Ken Begley
Kenji Jackson
Keva Glynn
Kevin Ford
Kevin Laidman
Kevin Yen-Ming Chen
Kim Trueman
Kimberly Chen
Kirsten Hagen
Kiryat Ramirez
Kristin Brandl
Laura Morrissey
Lauren Clavora
Liam Worsfold
Lisa Magee
Lister Farrar
Logan Lee
Lois Fearon
Lorne Lee
Louise Fennell
Louise Wallace
Lukas Baxter
Luna Lafontine
Malcolm Pearson
Malcolm Walker
Mandy Farmer
Marc Doucette
Marcus Gill
Mark Andreassen
Mark Ashby
Mark Cranwell
Mark Devitt
Mark Ford
Mark Payten
Martin Farnham
Mary Griffen
Mary-Ellen Clark
Matt Billinghurst
Matt Patriquin
Matt Powell
Matthew Plaudis
Maureen Christensen
Megan Thomas
Michael Arensen
Michael Dawson
Michael Mawdsley
Michael Whiticar
Michelle Dann
Mikael Jansson
Mike Cannon
Mike Frankenberger
Mike Skinner
Moss King
Murray Tough
Neil Forrest
Nels Anvik
Nick Friesen
Nicky Begley
Nicolas Losier
Nicole Worsfold
Norman Marcy
Ovidiu Schiopu
Patrick Bryant
Paul Christopher
paul Hovey
Paul O'Callaghan
Paula Bosenberg
Paula Shaw
Penny Davis
Pernille Whiticar
Peter Fitch
Peter Lawless
Pierre Dil
Randy Neville
Remy Garrison
Renata Troc
Richard Ashlee
richard martin
Richard Trudeau
Riley Pickrell
Ritchie Hughes
Rob Duncan
Rob Hasegawa
Rob Mickelberry
Robbie Grant
Robert Berry
Robert Scott
Robin Parlee
Rolf Warburton
Ron Mierau
Ronald Schouten
Rory Clarke-Michael
Ros Penty
Ross Baines
Roxanne Stedman
Russ Mounsey
Ryan McRonald
Ryan Worsfold
Ryley Rohan
Sabine Worsfold
Sara Park
Sarah King
Scott Davis
Scott Feddery
Scott MacDonald
Sean Dallin
Sean Marshman
Shane Russell
Shawn McKean
Shelagh Machin
Sheryl Meredith
Sig Isaac
Simon Pearson
Sonya Bird
Stephane Tran
Stephen Lund
Stephen May
Stephen White
Steve Jennings
Steve Skrobek
Steve Young
Terry Lee Simonson
Thom Stubbs
Tim Gijzen
Todd Hallett
Todd Hatfield
Toni Begley
Travis Paterson
Trevor Macfarlane
Vanessa Zoras
Wayne Lackner
William King
William Walker

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Re: Purchase your 2019 Tripleshot Membership

Post by rduncan » Fri Feb 08, 2019 10:47 pm

Hi Martin.

I purchased my cycling bc membership a while ago and st the time there was no link to list Tripleshot. Thanks for the link I just registered.
Rob Duncan

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Re: Purchase your 2019 Tripleshot Membership

Post by justineajohnson » Sun Feb 10, 2019 7:15 pm

I should be on the list too!
Justine Johnson

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Re: Purchase your 2019 Tripleshot Membership

Post by EricS » Tue Feb 12, 2019 8:26 am

You are Justine. :)

Eric Simonson

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Re: Purchase your 2019 Tripleshot Membership

Post by mfarnham » Tue Feb 12, 2019 3:49 pm

That's cos I went in and edited my original post when she registered. Same with Rob and others. I'll update the list periodically as new registrations roll in. If you register and don't see your name appear above within a couple weeks, feel free to remind me to update.

And thanks!


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Stéphane Tran
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Re: Purchase your 2019 Tripleshot Membership

Post by Stéphane Tran » Thu Feb 14, 2019 9:22 pm

Just registered.
- Stéphane

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