Tuesday Ride: Cedar Hill X and Caddy Bay (STOP!)

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Tuesday Ride: Cedar Hill X and Caddy Bay (STOP!)

Post by mfarnham » Mon Sep 03, 2018 7:33 pm

Hi all,

For reference, please see the discussion here: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=7868

I'd like to ask every club member to help us enforce a strict "stop" at the intersection in question on tomorrow's ride and all following Tuesday rides. This applies to all groups on all laps. The first rider of any group passing through there should put a foot down. The group should then proceed cautiously through this blind intersection and pedestrian crossing. If you're in a smaller group that has fallen behind, the first rider in your trailing group should also put a foot down (i.e., don't cheat the stop sign as a way to gain on the leaders in your group).

It's important to put a foot down and stop. If people slow roll the stop, the slow roll will turn into a faster and faster roll each week until bad habits resume. Foot down stop every time.

Some groups with strong competitive juices may want to consider sprinting on each lap, and then regrouping after each sprint for a slow approach to this corner. Please make clear to all riders in your group any changes you make to the usual ride routine (these things are generally best discussed in the parking lot).

This is a dangerous intersection and if we take excessive risks on it, we will eventually end up looking back on a tragedy that we all will know could have been avoided. Let's each do our part to make sure that never happens.

Please discuss on the ride tomorrow (and in future weeks), so that everyone in your group respects that stop sign.


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