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TS Photos - New Galleries: Ride Videos and Flats

Post by Rolf » Mon Dec 30, 2019 8:48 am

Whether you're back at work today, or still eating Christmas cookies at home—you're not riding your bike right now. (Or if you are checking the forum while riding, please put your phone back in your jersey... :shock: )

So why not enjoy a few new additions to the TS Photos site? (Reminder: viewing password for all galleries is in your latest copy of the "The Rivet".)

Ride Videos

This collection of edits features Club rides over the past nine years. Recent activity is gravel-focused, but there's also plenty of road content. If you have any videos to share, please email links or files to tripleshot.cycling.photos@gmail.com


Inspired by a joke from Claire, this gallery captures those moments that really help build the Tripleshot community. (They're also the moments we can safely take pictures!) Please upload your own roadside experiences...

Happy New Year, Tripleshot!
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Re: TS Photos - New Galleries: Ride Videos and Flats

Post by Mikael » Tue Dec 31, 2019 11:20 pm

Dear Rolf,
This is fantastic. It reminds me of many wonerful moments and hours riding with you and other members.

2020 will be the best year ever for riding!

Happy new year.


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