Observatory Hill Cycling (forwarded message from Site Operations Supervisor)

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Observatory Hill Cycling (forwarded message from Site Operations Supervisor)

Post by Mikael » Mon Feb 24, 2020 12:51 pm

Hi all,
----forwarded message below

Hello Cyclists, Feb. 2020

I have not put out a message in a while and it is certainly time. Unfortunately of late I have received numerous complaints from individuals who have encountered or witnessed unsafe riding practices as well as cycling activities outside the rules of the Observatory. To all you riders who have demonstrated leadership and practised safe cycling on Observatory Hill, thank you.

It is important to understand that Observatory Hill is the property of the National Research Council Canada, it is not a park. Public access is a privilege not a right and safety is our utmost priority. Your continued assistance in policing those non-compliant individuals is greatly appreciated.

Again this year there will be construction for a new building just as you enter the building site. During regular working hours (Mon – Fri, 0700 hrs – 1630 hrs) cyclists will be required to turn around at the first building when you come up the hill. There is signage in place indicating the turn around area. This is before the construction zone. The construction project is entering a very busy stage with lots of trucks up and down the hill and a permanent crane being put on site to erect steel. Please share the road with these trucks and others.

A few important reminders and rules to abide by when accessing Observatory Hill:

Our facility is a 24/7 operation with ongoing construction projects. A closed gate does not mean there will not be vehicular traffic on the road nor does the gate impede the dog walkers, hikers and wildlife from access.

• Our busiest commuting period is M-F 8:00 am – 9:30 am and 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm. Group cycling activities should be avoided during these periods.

Respect posted speed limits at all times, especially near the buildings where there is abundant pedestrian traffic and a blind corner. Always stay in your lane.

A New Stop Sign has been installed just above the main building. Please adhere to this new requirement. We have had a few near misses at this location.

Helmets are mandatory, in accordance with BC Law.

• The electronic gate shall under no circumstances be interfered with to hold open for cyclist traffic during closed hours.

Cycling traffic is not permitted around the 1.8 m Dome. Signage indicates that this is for pedestrians only.

• If training in groups please try to keep spread out so as not to impede traffic and permit passing. Do not congest the travelled portions of the roadway – use parking areas away from the through lane for rest or discussion.

Off-road cycling is strictly prohibited on site.

• Please obey all rules and watch for staff walking across road. We are in forcing these rules for your safety and the safety of staff on site. There have been to many recent incidences of individual riders not conforming to the rules, please respect the property and the personnel on it.

We appreciate your continued support in encouraging all cyclists to abide by our rules and to exercise safe riding practices at all times. If you can disseminate this message to your cycling colleagues it would be greatly appreciated.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns and please report any unsafe conditions or incidents.

Thank you all and safe cycling!

Best Regards,


Derek Mann
Site Operations Supervisor

Administrative Services and Property Management / Direction des services administratifs et l’immobilier
National Research Council Canada / Conseil national de recherches Canada
5071 W Saanich Rd, Victoria, BC V9E 2E7
Government of Canada / Gouvemement du Canada

---forwarded message above---

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