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Optics matter

Post by mfarnham » Sat May 30, 2020 1:26 pm

Lister received the following email this morning regarding likely Tripleshot riders on the Goose.


As a resident of Metchosin I regularly use the galloping goose for exercise, with the lessening of the covid restrictions I have noticed an increase in the number of cyclists who are using the goose. As you recently point out in a post to your group, while groups of 6 are ok, distancing should be observed. This morning ( Saturday ) at approximately 8:55 am on the goose just past the Lombard road intersection I encountered a pack of 6 oncoming riders riding 2 a breast followed by a few more riders with no social distancing all heading towards Sooke. As they passed me they did not shift into a single line to allow myself and themselves to pass observing 6 feet of social distancing. Shifting to a single line to pass and maintaining 6 feet has become the standard practice out here for walkers and cyclists. While I cannot absolutely say these riders were from your club they were wearing identifiable jerseys. I am relaying the incident as a friendly reminder to your members that they are representing cyclists in general and your sponsors who are part of the greater community and your rider’s actions are remembered by the people they encounter and talked about by an even greater number of people, as per the discussion I had with the next 3 groups of people I encountered. All of which had a similar experience with this group of riders. The relationship between walkers and cyclists on the galloping goose is a complex issue and one which we all need to be aware of.


I've left off the identity of the writer. As it happens, it's someone widely respected in the competitive cycling community. Now we can argue over whether a quick pass is likely to endanger other trail users, or whether 2m distancing was being practiced. The point is that if people outside our club are worried about whether we're acting responsibly, this is a problem for the club. It's completely understandable for people these days to be nervous about groups of strangers getting close to them. Whether we're on Tripleshot rides or unofficial "active play" rides, we should ride in a way that demonstrates empathy for those other trail/road users.


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Re: Optics matter

Post by Ddallin » Sat May 30, 2020 1:48 pm

Might have been our ride. Might not have been, as we went that way, at about that time. I know that we tried hard to make sure that distance was adhered to the whole time, but the goose isn’t something that is 100% equal width the entire time. In fact the spot that they mention is about 2m across at the max.

Best we can all do is stay to the right, pass single file, warn others of out passing, and hope to god that opposing traffic/walkers do the same.

One incident like this is akin to the generalization of the word “cyclist”. One guy rolls a stop sign and we’re all criminals. Funny fact, as we rolled up to Fantastico, I stopped to chat with a friend, and subsequently watched all of the 9 cars that went by, roll the stop sign at that intersection. That doesn’t mean all drivers are criminals, it means those ones are.

All the times we ride in our kit, we’re cognizant of what we are doing as best as possible. And honestly, of the 200 people you see in a daily ride, a few are bound to take exception to your actions, whether on a bike or in a car. (This is the same with drivers to other drivers on the road).

If a complaint is to be made to help support distance between people, it’s to the municipality, they control the size of the road/trail. (That would be best in this case)

Either way, thanks Martin for the reminder that we need to do our part to be stewards of the trail and road! We can always do better, I will do better too!
David Dallin

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