The Velodrome is open: programs for all

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The Velodrome is open: programs for all

Post by Lister Farrar » Mon Jul 13, 2020 9:07 am

The velodrome is open and running under a covid plan, something for which our outdoor track has advantages.

Our velodrome is a beginner-friendly 28 degrees at its steepest, but still super fun to dive off with speed you usually only get off King George Terrace. It's smooth, and has a total absence of potholes, careless drivers, trees, curbs and rocks. It also is nicely shaded after about 3 if by chance we get some hot weather, and warm later in the evening as the sun comes around. Perfect for working on your speed for coffee sprints, cadence, and going full out but never getting dropped. Works great for riders of different abilities to train together.

Programs include:
  • Learn to Ride to learn etiquette, safety and training techniques.
    Open track sessions for DIY training
    Adult coached sessions
    Youth sessions for younger and newer riders (roughly 8-14), and older and more experienced (14-18).
    Events (probably limited to timed events.)
    Private sessions possible
Inexpensive too: $15 for membership, $35 for July, $50 for August. Rental bikes included in some programs, available for others for small charge. Limited storage for personal track bikes available also.

The Tripleshot youth program is attending the youth programs, and the coaches are leading rides to the velodrome for the younger groups at 3:00 on Monday. Riders must be members of Tripleshot and CBC, and submit spond registration for each session for contact tracing, but need not be part of the TS youth program. Rides are super mellow, and even 10 year olds have the legs to ride the track after the ride out on the flat bike paths.

This one goes from Gordon Head (Maria Montessori) via bike lanes and paths, with coach Alex or Casey.

This one goes from Oak Bay border near Oak Bay Bikes, with coach Lister:

Feel free to post logistical questions; we help families figure out links from summer camp to the commute rides, help shop for track bikes, and negotiate the Covid registration steps. If you're shy about posting, call or text 250 882 5420.
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Re: The Velodrome is open: programs for all

Post by shawn » Wed Jul 15, 2020 8:04 pm

Thanks for posting this, Lister!

Here's a link to the website:


And Instagram:

The track is using Spond to sign up for sessions so you already know the drill there :)


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