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Some Spond tips and etiquette

Post by mfarnham » Wed Aug 12, 2020 10:34 am

Welcome to the brave new world of Covid and Spond (the app we organize our rides on). Here are some tips for Sponding (and riding) well...

*Groups are limited to 10 according to Cycling BC Covid rules. All riders must be pre-registered for every ride they attend (no drop-ins…even if you’re on the waitlist). Attendance must be taken on every ride, to facilitate contact tracing.
*New riders should identify themselves to everyone in their group; old hands should make sure to help new riders learn the ropes and point out corners throughout the ride.
*If you arrive late for your ride you must solo TT the ride or solo TT to catch your group. No surfing up with other groups and no joining other groups that you come across in the parking lot.
*If you get dropped from a ride ("A" rides are drop rides) you must solo time trial the rest of the ride. No jumping in with other groups that catch up to you. Leave sufficient distance between you and riders in other groups.
*If you or your group has been caught by another group, sit up and let them pass. Establish a healthy gap before resuming your chosen pace.
*Show up at the specific location (see photo on Spond ride pages for Tues/Fri staging locations) and the specific departure time for your ride. Don’t be more than 2 minutes early, otherwise staging spots can get crowded.
*Always roll out right on time, to avoid groups bunching on the road. Don’t wait for people. If they’re late they’ll have to meet you on the road.
*Only show up to rides that you’re pre-registered for. Being on the waitlist doesn’t count. You might be waitlisted and there might only be 9 people in the parking lot, but the 10th person may be meeting the ride on the road. If you jump in, your group will hit 11 and that’s a no-no.
*You don’t need to Decline events you’re not interested in. Just Accept the ride you want to do. Only Decline a ride if you’ve accepted but you’re not going to attend (sleeping in, switching to another ride, etc.).
*If you decide not to do a ride, please Decline it, to free up space. If you wake up at 5:30, and just can't bring yourself to ride, go to your computer, Decline your ride, and then go back to bed.
*Please don’t sign up for multiple groups or multiple waitlists for the same ride. At most, sign up for one ride and one waitlist. Be sure to Decline rides that you’re not going to attend (even if you’re just on a waitlist for the ride) once it becomes clear which ride you’re attending.
*Once you’re accepted from the waitlist into a ride, Decline the other ride you’re signed up for, to free the space up.
*To avoid crowding at coffee shops, please go with your group to the shop you’re assigned (see ride descriptions for Tues/Fri rides).
*Remember that the most important person on any ride is everyone else.

Note that Sunday rides are Social Rides. Tripleshot’s strength lies in its “socialness”. Covid is a challenge to that because it forces us to ride in smaller groups--which run the risk of becoming cliques—and because we can’t all mix freely (A’s through C’s) on one big coffee shop patio like we used to. Sunday is our chance to mix and catch up with our other friends in the club. Given low current Covid infection rates on the island, it’s a good chance for us to ride with people we don’t usually meet during the week. So please consider breaking out of your usual weekday riding group(s) and mingling with the masses on your Sunday ride. If you’re a fast rider, use it as a chance to practice your bridging and leadouts as you help slower riders hang in on the sprints.

Also, both new and old members should review Tripleshot's Code of Conduct: ... 3-2020.pdf


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