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Post by JohnT » Thu Apr 11, 2019 9:55 am

Despite the poor forecast, we had a dry track last night. Thirteen signed up for the C race, 25 in B and 14 in A. I don't have the results, so if I make a mistake or two below, I'll correct it soon. The average age of the C race was 32 years, but there was no one in that race in their thirties. It was made up of some 'experienced' riders (Gerald, James, Kevin, Malcolm and Donna) and a bunch of keen under-20's. The age range was 10 to 73. In this race, experience won the day. James Holtz, 2nd on Saturday, won, with his partners in crime, Gerald and Malcom, not far behind. See Lister's post for more on the youth.... they had a great time and at least four of them kept the older guys busy - a main group of eight circulated together for most of the race. Donna, who was dropped fairly early from the group of four C's on Saturday, hung on to last nights larger pack for 10 min of the 20 minute race, rode alone briefly until they came round again, and then hung on for the rest of the race. Well done! Did Kim Chen (13) beat her dad Kevin? I don't know. Watch for that when the results are posted.

In the B race we had a large group of 'middle-aged' men and women plus the 'light-weights'. All six under-twenties wrote 'Tripleshot' in the sign-up sheet. Good going Lister. As you'll see, 'light-weight' refers only to actual weight, they kicked ass! Kelsey Unger went on a flyer early on - a 37 sec lap, which was as fast as the fastest lap in the A race on Saturday. It was a sign of things to come. The main group stayed together for most of the race (only 2 of the 25 were circulating off the pace). Craig B. and Neil F. went off the front for several laps and Trevor O. managed to bridge. He made it after at least two laps of effort, but this three-man break away was then pulled back, largely as a result of a strong effort from Kelsey on the front of the main group. For most of the race, it was a stretched pack, meaning the pace was high. There was another break away - one person (can't remember who - sorry) did about seven laps off the front, but hope was dashed in a dramatic way on the last lap. Kelsey broke out of the main group - a lead-out for two younger Tripleshoters. It was a 100% effort and he pulled out once they got to the main straight. The race ended with a Tripleshot (under 20) 1-2. I think you'll get more details from Lister very soon.

The A race was a largely Wheelers ride (half of the 14 entries). The Attwells (Dave and Andrew*) and Vinko showed up for Echappee, Mike Dawson for Breakaway, Ariane for Cyclery, and Jay L. for TVC (TVC= Team Canada?). This one was fun to watch, but I can sum it up pretty succinctly.... Jay and Issac (Wheelers) got off the front. Andrew A. tried to pull the pack back.... mostly on his own, because 'Wheelers'. Jay's a pretty good track racer ;-) Issac is a pretty good sprinter, but also a gentleman. They crossed the line together without a sprint (I don't know who was scored first). Most in the pack (Wheelers) were happy to follow half a lap back (perhaps not realizing that Issac wasn't going to jump Jay with 20 m to go). Some in the pack.... not so happy with the turn of events. Perhaps we'll see retribution in May.

* Andrew - I have your glasses.

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Re: VCL#2_Report

Post by KimW » Fri Apr 12, 2019 9:54 am

Thanks John for hardwork in hosting the race.
Follow up to that terrific lead out offered by Kelsey for those lightweights who jumped the chance.
He has a keen interest in supporting youth cycling besides donating free speed.
Check out what Oli's latest article about him and his new business if you need some new socks! ... give-back/

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