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Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2019 5:25 pm
by JohnT
First race is this Saturday at Western Speedway.

PLEASE NOTE: Racing starts at 2 pm (schedule below). Island Youth Road and Track Series runs from noon until 2 pm.

2:00 pm C Race 20 min + 5 laps
2:30 pm B Race 25 min + 5 laps
3:15 pm* A Race 30 min + 5 laps

* Cars start practice at 4 pm. Post-race discussions have to take place well off the course.

The first race is somewhat expensive: A once-a-year fee of $8.00 for a number and timing chip, plus $15 for the race (which includes $10 for track rental and $5 for timer). Please bring cash, preferably not two twenties. Tripleshot members do not have to sign a waiver, others do. Also, (I just remembered), youth require a waiver signed by parents. I will double check the age limit for self-signing.



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Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 6:41 am
by JohnT
Second race takes place Wednesday, with the C's underway at 6 pm. B's 6:30 pm and A's at 7:15 pm.
$15 for adults. Eighteen and under fee is $10. Note that everyone also needs a license, race number and timing chip. All are available at the track. $8 for number and timing chip (good for the whole season). $10 for a one day license, though we anticipate that most (hopefully everyone) will have an annual Cycling BC membership. Volunteers? It's fun and fairly easy - biggest stress is getting there for 5:30 pm.

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Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 12:56 pm
by Fozzy
I should be able to get there for 5:30ish to help out with setup and early registrations. Cheers

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Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 7:32 am
by Lister Farrar
Thanks to John and the other VCL volunteers for last nights race.

Lots of people enjoy it, but last night's race reminded me, in spades, just how good these things are. TS had 6 youth riders in the C race, including 2 11 year olds , 2 12 yr olds and 2 13 year olds. (plus another 8 or so in the B race who put on their own show, report to come later.) The youngest 3 had their first ever races there, and were a bit below the level of the main group.

But as VCL always does, John invited them to race as they could, then take laps out to rest, get lapped and jump back in.

Lukas, (actually 10, not quite 11), gamely did a lap with the fast group before blowing up. He then rested as suggested, before jumping in again with a second group. This time he lasted a a little longer. He did it about 3 more times before holding a wheel solidly for the last 4 laps.

That's a HUGE progression for a kid who has done maybe 6 cross rides, 2-3 road rides and some gym sessions. And he rode 15 km home after. Along the goose I kept looking around expecting him to be dropped and he was GLUED to my wheel, even when others dropped back. His ride home was better than his warm-up. That can only be practice and motivation, which the VCL gives in spades.

If you plan to do any racing as a beginner this year, do these races. Or just want to figure out surge-y rides. You may have to park your adult how-i-finish-really-matters ego, but the race-a-bit, rest-a-bit routine is fantastic for finding your race head, eyes, and legs.

( In case you're wondering, the etiquette is to jump on the back of a group lapping you, and try not to disrupt the unlapped people, including in the final sprint. We need more peer coaches; it seems beginners aren't sure when it's ok to do that, or how to do it. I saw several newbies grinding around on their own. That's fine too, but not really taking advantage of the safe and simple pack opportunity at the speedway. If you have experience, but maybe not so keen to race at the moment, consider coming out to coach a novice about when to go hard and when to sit up, recover, and get back in.)