Girona Cycling trip 2020

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Girona Cycling trip 2020

Post by GarthC » Mon Sep 02, 2019 10:43 am

Hi All,

Darryl B., Dave T., Samantha H. Kirsten H. and I have been planning a trip to Girona, Spain in May/June 2020.
My plan is to arrive in Girona on May 27 and stay until June 7th (11 nights/10 days of cycling). Then to Barcalona for 3 nights of June 7,8,9...flying home the 10th of June.

Darryl, Dave & Samantha's plans are slightly different, but we plan on renting an AirBnB in old town Girona together. Kirsten is staying with her mom, but will be joining us for the rides and both will be joining us for coffee and dinners afterwards and exploring the area.

This is an open invite to other cycling enthusiasts that may want to join us on the trip...join for the whole trip or for a portion of it.
There is a Girona bike festival that is held in mid June, so if you are thinking of joining in, you'll probably want to decide fairly soon so you can find accommodation.

Hope others can make it!

Cheers, Garth

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