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Farmer Poetry

Post by mshepard » Sun Dec 23, 2012 1:37 pm

Thanks to everyone for a great year of riding, really enjoyed the Farm Team camaraderie and occasional Friday hammerfest with the B Group. A couple of poems to end the year, the first two after a nasty Sunday a couple of weeks ago.

From Rolf:

I can't blame my new iPhone,
And the alarm that never went.
Or the stupid left MEC bootie,
That in haste to leave I rent.

I woke up at 7:20,
And it should be evident,
That doesn't leave sufficient time,
To meet up with my friends.

I waited on Beach Drive,
But you must have come and went.
Then I cursed the time I'd wasted,
As my earnest chase commenced.

I short-cutted every chance I could:
10 Mile and Cattle Puent(s).
All morning I was chasing,
But never caught your scent.

By Brentwood Bay all hope was lost,
My energy was spent.
I rode home alone in pouring rain,
My body sore and bent.

All the way down Interurban,
My frustrations I did vent.
By doing all the pulling
(And, yes, I won the sprint!)

My hesitation yesterday,
Now seems to me prescient.
Next time I know, I'm stuck solo,
Unless I show commitment.

So in this time of giving thanks,
And Hanukkah / Advent,
Let's celebrate the togetherness,
That makes Farming excellent!
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Re: Farmer Poetry

Post by mshepard » Sun Dec 23, 2012 1:41 pm

Sunday Ride

The ride started slowly
As the rain started to pour
We ducked the main peloton
Should never have gone out the door.

The mishaps started early
Dolly losing here left lense
Eric befriended his top tube
It really didn’t make sense

Keep calm and carry on
One was heard to mumble
My feet and hands were freezing
And thoughts a complete jumble

We turned the corner at Matticks
And some sense prevailed
Coffee and muffins were waiting
We cut short the ride and bailed

On BrookLeigh then Brookhaven
I thought we would surely freeze
Bang! Tom’s bike exploded
Things worsened by degrees.

Cell phones appeared
Logistics were discussed
A local Dr’s Kitchen
Was the savior for all of us

With Tom taken care of
Eric Steve and Mark carried on
Along the freezing road we traveled
All feeling was now gone.

Things were about to get worse
Before they improved
Along the side of the road was Martin
With a flat tire unable to move.

The Tripleshotters had abandoned
Their team mate in their haste
A no drop ride really?
The riders we did lambaste.

We stopped and repaired the damage
And carried on our merry way
To Serious Coffee we arrived
Our work done for the day.

After coffee, home finally beckoned
The warm shower made me sing
Another perfect day
In the Church of the Big Ring

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Re: Farmer Poetry - Christmas

Post by mshepard » Sun Dec 23, 2012 1:43 pm

Let it Grow!

Oh the weather outside is frightful
The bike inside so clean, delightful
Those cookies inside my belly know
To Let It grow! Let It grow! Let It grow!

It doesn't show signs of stopping
The belt buckle is now a popping
Lactate threshold is lowering
Let It grow Let It grow! Let It grow!

For Tripleshoters rain is the norm
But I hate going out in the storm!
But if Santa brings me some lights
I may be forced to put on my tights

Riding in the winter is trying
To that fact there's no denying
But as long as the eggnogs flow
Let It grow Let It grow! Let It grow!

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