Steve's productivity slump: and why we need more Peacocks!

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Steve's productivity slump: and why we need more Peacocks!

Post by Alan » Mon Jun 15, 2015 8:37 pm

This news story, featuring two of my favourite animals (raccoons and alligators) could be a fake, but, hey, who cares? It's all about peace and harmony between diverse species, right Steve? ... -1.3114781

Speaking of Strava Steve, has anyone else noticed he seems to be particularly non-productive in the animal-drawing department lately? Maybe when we weren't looking oil rose to $100 a barrel, and he's now fully employed writing more spin for pipeline promoters and other bitumen-flogging capitalist scrotums?
Anyways, I digress. Steve: last time at coffee I requested you draw a Peacock, since they love my bell so much and you, if I were to interpret your facial expressions correctly, winced. :cry:

Anyways, I would hate to brow-beat you into drawing a peacock, (I know you intrinsically detest them because they are bigger show-offs than you, which is hard to believe) but if you have any mojo left after writing script for tar-sand flogging global-warming deniers, can you at least draw us a fricken raccoon on an alligator? Can't be that hard, can it?

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Re: Steve's productivity slump: and why we need more Peacock

Post by Lund » Tue Jun 16, 2015 11:21 am

Today I am grateful for enthusiastic fans who just can't wait to see more of my work.

But Alan – what's with this infantile need for instantaneous gratification? Perhaps you're accustomed to wedding DJs too happy to oblige when you stagger up and request YMCA or the Chicken Dance. Or maybe Lynda's been too quick to come and change your nappy when you ring that bell from your Laz-Z-Boy recliner. But Strava art takes time and effort. You can't just snap your sausage fingers and expect Strava Steve to race out and crank out some ridiculous Internet meme.

But you're easily forgiven, Alan, like a child who just doesn't know any better. After all, we're talking about cycling and creativity – two realms where your aptitudes clearly don't lie.

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