Vision carbon crank • a big motherf...(oops—sorry, Juniors)

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Vision carbon crank • a big motherf...(oops—sorry, Juniors)

Post by Lund » Thu Jan 17, 2019 4:43 pm

That's right, big. Like, 54/42 big.

I know what you're thinking. “54—WTF? That’s preposterous. Not even Calgary Steve mashes huge gears like that!"

Exactly. That’s why he's selling it.

If you’ve always wanted to show that asshol* up (and really, who hasn’t?), here’s your chance. After you install this beauty, just pair up beside Lund on a Friday ride and watch his head and his legs spin madly as you half-wheel him all the way up Shelbourne at a casually deliberate 55 rpm. Poetry in motion...a low-cadence flip of the bird. Do it! He’s a dick and he deserves it.

C'mon, POC—you're all show-offy. You buy it. Or maybe you, Isaac, if you think those girly legs are any stronger than mine. Or somebody buy it on Kenji's behalf and we'll do an intervention.

Btw, it’s new. Yes, new new. YES—like "still in the box and tags on" new. Sheesh. And apparently it sells for $999.99 on Seriously.

Oh, and it's 454 g. So it's not big in the bad way. BB30

Somebody who knows what this thing is worth and can put it to good use (for means athletic and/or nefarious—totally up to you), please make a reasonable offer. A text to 587-228-9147 is apt to reach me well before a PM here does.
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