Tree Planting Opportunity

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AJ Neale
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Tree Planting Opportunity

Post by AJ Neale » Thu Feb 14, 2019 10:46 am

Apologies for hijacking the forum, but I thought it would be appropriate to spread the word here since it is a fact that tree planters and cyclists share some unique qualities, namely: an appreciation of the great outdoors, immunity to pain, tolerant of any conditions, ability to smile at adversity and ………stubbornness (?).

So if you know of a student, an aimless cyclist, or anyone looking for a summer of tree planting, my daughter is a foreman for a crew based out of Prince George and has room for a couple more planters for this coming summer. A few details:

Season is May – July ( with fire fighting possibilities in August )
Good pay ( really good pay )
Challenging work ( really challenging work )
Unique experience ( really amazing, character building, eye-opening experience )

You can find Bree Neale on Facebook for more information



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