Tripleshot's 2017 Annual General Meeting

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Tripleshot's 2017 Annual General Meeting

Post by John D » Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:12 am

Please be advised that Tripleshot's 2017 Annual General Meeting will take place on Tuesday September 26th in the wild Rose Room of the UVic University Club, beginning at 6:30pm. Whereas previous AGMs have been held in December, the Tripleshot Executive Committee has decided that it makes more sense to move the AGM closer to the end of the club's fiscal year (which is August 31st).

Agenda as follows:
- Call to order
- Approval of agenda and 2016 AGM minutes
- President's report
- Treasurer's report and 2017-2018 budget
- Report on Tripleshot youth program
- Election of Executive Committee members for 2018
- Adjournment of official AGM

- Open discussion: town hall format
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Re: Tripleshot's 2017 Annual General Meeting

Post by John D » Mon Sep 18, 2017 10:12 am

Minutes from the Tripleshot Cycling Club 2016 AGM
(6:30-9:00pm, November 29th, 2016 at the UVic University Club)

Approximately 36 people in attendance

7:00pm - Call to order

Motion to accept the Agenda: Barton Bourassa seconded by Dave Attwell. Motion carried unanimously

Motion to accept the 2015 AGM minutes:
Jim Wallace moved second by Martin Farnham accepted. Motion carried unanimously


Membership summary: 225 registered members as of mid-November 2016
Age range 10-77 years old, median age is 47
29% female, 71% male
12% U17, 3% are U19-23

Summary of 2016 events:
- TSC Race events: Hosted two VCL speedway races in 2015, marshaled the legislature criterium in the Robert Cameron Law Cycling Series
- Non-race TSC events: Big Loop ride, Hurricane Ridge
- TSC’s BC Gaming Grant was renewed for 4th year, supporting both junior and masters level coaching
- Further expansion to TSC junior program, TSC Women’s Clinic
- Community involvement: participated in the 2015 MEC Bikefest, organized the 3rd annual TSC Backpack ride for the Mustard Seed (which raised 800 pounds of food), Our Place
- New event – Tripleshot Cross-Fondo – Cycling BC’s “Event of the Year” 120 riders, $5700 raised.
- First Aid training course. 12 people participated, 50% paid for by the club.
- Lister Farrar named Cycling BC “Coach of the Year”

Plans for 2017:
- TSC Race events (VCL Speedway races, Legislature Crit, Provincial TTT?)
- Launch a new U19-U23 Performance Program. Next step for the youth program, two-time Olympian coach Kurt Innes will be the chief coach
- U17 Youth Program – currently negotiating with a local bike club to be lead sponsor
- Move the Mustard Seed “backpack ride” to September
- New TSC events (TSC summer Velodrome BBQ?)

Shout-outs and thank-yous:
- our small but tireless army of TSC volunteers
- The parents of our Tripleshot Juniors
- The Crossfondo organizers
- Hugh Hart, Roland Rabien, John Taylor
- All the Tripleshot coaches
- Lister Farrar – the hardest working cycling coach in BC
- Women’s Cycling Clinic coaches
- The rest of the TSC Executive Committee
- My unofficial ‘advisors’ – you know who you are
- All of you for coming out tonight

Discussion: Sponsorship for the Cross Fondo for next year – need a policy that will offer current sponsor to right of first refusal. Will bring this up with them when send letters out to current
sponsors. Current agreement with sponsors is over in one more year.
Motion to form a committee that will develop a formal sponsorship policy. Motion by Peter Lawless and John Taylor – Motion Carried

TS budgeted for a $2000 deficit and finished the year with a $1117 deficit.
Total revenues: $40,211. Total expenses: $41,329
Cash on hand at the end of the fiscal year totaled $13,427
TSC had 225 registered members in 2016
Motion to accept the budget as presented: Geoff Wong, Dave Attwell seconded
Motion carried unanimously
Motion to waive the need for a formal audit of club expenses: Rolf Warburton, Martin Farnham seconded
Motion carried unanimously

Proposed budget for 2017
Numbers are consistent with last fiscal year and assume similar sponsorship, event, membership and
gaming grant revenues. TS contributions to the junior program are also consistent with the previous
fiscal year.
Budget projects a $2250 deficit in order to continue to reduce the amount of cash on hand (too much can affect our gaming grant eligibility)
Cross Fondo is budgeted at break even. Net profits from this event will be directed entirely toward the junior program, with the intent of replacing the Global Relay funds that were received in FY 2015/16.
Suggestion that we put in a separate Gaming Grant application for the Cross Fondo was suggested. Not clear whether this would jeopardize the existing grant. MEC have expressed an interest in some sort of sponsorship. Potential of other grants out there to be looked at by the (yet to be formed) ad hoc sponsorship committee.

Motion to approve budget - Alan Cassells, seconded by John Taylor. Motion carried unanimously

Report on the Tripleshot Juniors Program
Participation model – social bonding critical, 4 seasons, winter mountain bike, team handball, etc., then switch to road and then to cross at end of the summer. 13 riders at the last race. In 2016 the program generated:
- 19 prov championships
- 10 national championships
- 250 coaches sessions by 5 coaches and a dry land coach (Nick)
- About 35 kids involved
Riley first International win – Perth, 3 wins and 2 seconds overall winning of U17,
Erin competed in the road and track worlds
Adam is in second year – 12 overall in Quebec race
Erin Atwell …
Cross on the Rock – riders in all events
Brenna Pauly is now coaching,… all other stuff she does.
5 riders coach at the EMJS school- did a great job

The following members put their names forward for election as follows:
John Dower for President
Martin Farnham for Vice- President
Al Wilhelm for Treasurer
Marcus Gill for Secretary
Craig Bosenberg for Director (youth Program Liaison)
Mary Griffin for Director at Large
Alan Cassels for Director at Large
Amy Errington for Director at Large
Neil Forrest for Director at Large

Call for any other nominations from the floor (3 times). None put forward.
Motion to accept the nominees as listed above: Hugh Hart, seconded by Eric Simonson
Motion carried unanimously.

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Re: Tripleshot's 2017 Annual General Meeting

Post by Roland » Mon Sep 18, 2017 11:43 am

Shout-outs and thank-yous:
- Roland Rabien
What did I do to deserve that?
Cash on hand at the end of the fiscal year totaled $13,427
Maybe time to have a party?

compete: 1620, from Fr. compéter "be in rivalry with"

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Re: Tripleshot's 2017 Annual General Meeting

Post by John D » Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:31 pm

[quote="Roland"]What did I do to deserve that?[quote]

Your continued lightning-fast response to requests (mainly from me and Joana) to fix glitches and tweak things on the Tripleshot website.

And then there was that morning a few months back when you showed up in your, um, "barely there" skin-toned skinsuit. Wait - that one was more of a scream-out, as in "Oh my god - my freakin' eyes! How am I supposed to un-see that???!!!!"
"Talk - Action = Zero" - Joe Keithley

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