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Re: Member Photos and Profile Directory

Post by Rolf » Sat Jan 11, 2020 2:16 pm

January 2020 update

Over the past few weeks, I've been populating a new 2020 Member Profile Directory by transferring each of your existing profiles over from last year's directory as you renew your 2020 membership.

Please take a moment to review your photo and bio and ensure they still identify you. Some of the profiles are looking a little stale. For example:
  • Mark is certainly no longer "new to Tripleshot"!
  • Is Eric still B.C.'s fastest physics teacher?
  • Surely George has accepted by now that he's the spitting image of Alan?


Please submit new bios, replacement photos, or requests for any changes at all to

Adult members who have not previously had a profile in the Directory receive an email from me when they sign up for 2020, with instructions on how to share their name, face, and details.

Info on how to purchase your 2020 membership is here. Nudge, nudge. :D

The viewing password for the entire photos site can be found in the latest Rivet newsletter—or can be learned by asking other members at coffee. Thanks all!

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