Tripleshot Party at Mike's, Cancelled d.t. Weather

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Tripleshot Party at Mike's, Cancelled d.t. Weather

Post by mfarnham » Tue Aug 27, 2019 1:38 pm

Well, we were tempting fate doing this in mid-September, and fate couldn't resist. The weather looks crummy for Saturday so we're cancelling the party.

We'll do this next summer (thanks Mike and Anne for the offer this time and next!), probably in July-Aug, which are safer months weather wise. In the meantime, there's a chance to come together, drink beer, and talk cycling at the AGM on September 22. See here: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=8622

Those who bought tickets, we'll take the list from the store and the list of people who donated to our National Team alumns, and credit you for free tickets to this year's Christmas Party or to this summer party next summer.


(original announcement below--but remember, it's cancelled!)

Hi folks,

Mike Frankenberger and his wife Anne have kindly offered their place in Oak Bay for a Tripleshot Summer Garden Party, 1-5pm on Saturday September 14. It’s a potluck (bring a plate of sweet or savoury finger food). Bring a hat and some sunscreen. We’re being optimistic about the weather—if it rains we’ll either postpone or cancel.

*location information to be provided later*. There will be street parking for cars and garage parking for bikes.

In order to prevent a riot by unruly cyclists doing donuts on the lawn (I’m looking at you, Alan), we’re limiting attendance to 60 people. Tickets can be purchased online for $5 each. If we run out of tickets, then we’ll hold next summer’s party at a bigger venue.

Tickets: ... ucts_id=72

As an alternative to purchasing a ticket, might I suggest making a donation to one of our fine Tripleshot Youth Alumni currently riding for Canada’s National Team? These include:

Erin Attwell (Silver medalist, PanAm Games) (no donation site currently, but I’m sure she’d write you a receipt for a cash contribution)

Jay Lamoureux (on track for Tokyo Olympics next summer)

Riley Pickrell (recently back from UCI Junior Track Worlds)

Sarah Van Dam (recently back from UCI Junior Track Worlds) ... ah+Van+Dam

Each has enormous expenses associated with training and travelling to perform at the highest levels of international competition. We helped train them when they were young. Let’s keep helping them to make Tripleshot proud by giving them a hand up in their climb to the top.

If you send me your receipt for such a donation dated today or later (feel free to scratch out the amount—I don’t need to know) I will supply you with up to 4 tickets to the party. If you want to obtain tickets via this option, please make your donation before tickets run out or before September 13…whichever comes first. Smarty-pants arbitrageurs can move to New York City and ride with a club there. :roll:


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Re: Tripleshot Party at Mike's, Sat Sept 14, 1-5pm

Post by Claire » Thu Sep 12, 2019 2:51 pm

I'm beginning to mentally prepare for the possibility that this outdoor end-of-summer bash may not happen. :(
I will wait for formal word...or maybe news that MF has secured a party tent and heaters. :D

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Re: Tripleshot Party at Mike's, Cancelled d.t. Weather

Post by mfarnham » Thu Sep 12, 2019 9:18 pm

I edited the post above. It's cancelled. Sorry Claire! We'll all commiserate at the AGM the following weekend?


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