Keep-sane-during-coronavirus list

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Keep-sane-during-coronavirus list

Post by Claire » Mon Mar 23, 2020 7:56 am

Sometimes I wonder how to keep sane right not let all the weirdness overwhelm. Regular reminders of the good things helps me, so I thought I'd share my personal keep-sane list. It's sort of my mantra and so far, it seems to help. Maybe others will want to add to it, too. I hope that by sharing our coping strategies, we can boost our sense of connectedness and optimism.

• Keep your loved ones close — what a great chance to deepen close personal relationships
• Check in on friends and family you don’t see regularly (at a distance)
• Skype to keep connected (some board-type games work really well this way!)
• Text, call or email folks you’ve been meaning to be in better touch with
• Get outside! It’s a sanity-saver. Keep proper distance from others, but being outside in spring does wonders for the mind and body
• Indulge a little (wine, cheesecake, beer, weed…still responsibly) — if this is your “treat” (you deserve it)
• Remind yourself that you and your loved ones are still healthy and that we are taking precautions at a societal level for the greater good (rejoice in your good health!)
• Check the news and social media only occasionally — to get the basic facts and numbers, learn of government support/subsidy plans but don’t let it fill your head all the time
• Bike on roads with fewer cars! More people are on bikes and walking with their families than ever before. Go for a longer walk or bike ride and enjoy the lack of cars and the plethora of healthy, active people out there
• Keep a two-week supply of food and household supplies. It’s comforting. Just don’t hit the stores more often than you must (things are weird in there…and sometimes there are line-ups)
• Remember that, even though the streets are quiet and the rules of engagement are different, everyone is still here! They’re just hunkering down in safety for the good of everyone (hooray for compliance!)
• Catch up on that stuff that always seems to need doing — taxes, yard work, clothing purge, inbox clean-out
• More benefits: lower carbon emissions, fewer car crashes, less quasi-necessary commuting/bustling about
• Remember that this WILL pass. It might be a really strange and unsettling time…but it’s got a limited life span. Passing these few months or weeks will be hard at times, but it will pass and life will resume (almost) as it left off.
• We are all in this together. The uncertainty and financial impacts…it’s all shared at a global level. You’re not alone and there will be a recovery.
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Re: Keep-sane-during-coronavirus list

Post by Ann » Mon Mar 23, 2020 8:38 am

This is a great list, Claire!

One thing I would add is that when you are giving people a wide berth while walking or biking, make an extra effort to smile and say hello or good morning. I find that my natural instinct is to look away while trying to physically avoid people, but I think we need to do the opposite. We need to remain emotionally attached to those around us--even if they are strangers to us--because it feels so much better than being emotionally isolated, and we are all in this together.

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Re: Keep-sane-during-coronavirus list

Post by JTyre » Mon Mar 23, 2020 1:55 pm

  • Stick to routines, or start new routines.
  • Regulate your news monitoring (worth repeating from Claire's great list).
  • Post lots of giphy's. Right, Claire? :D
  • Meditate. If your haven't before, and are interested here's a good place to start. Mantra, optional.

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Re: Keep-sane-during-coronavirus list

Post by Paul Chris » Thu Mar 26, 2020 4:29 pm

Thank you all.
These are great tips and reminders.

I'm really enjoying cycling, mostly alone...with minimal traffic.

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