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The process of ordering kit has changed for 2015. From now on, you will order and pay for your kit directly with Champ-Sys. Once the order closes Champ-Sys will collate everything, and when the order is shipped (as a single large shipment) Champ-Sys will have already done all the sorting of individual orders.

To order, your best bet is to check out the TripleShot Cycling Club Forum and find the thread under “Tripleshot Cycling – Club activities and Announcements”. 

Deadline for 2015 kit is Monday, March 9 at midnight. 

3 thoughts on “Lycra Info

    • Hi Ross – not sure if you’ve heard yet, but we are co-hosting s Champ-Sys/Tripleshot 2017 Kit-Fit Event on Sunday, March 19, 3-7 pm, Oak Bay Rec, Bee Street

      Here’s the email that went out from TS:

      The good folks from Champ-Sys, led by co-founder Scott Kaylin, are
      coming to Victoria to showcase their 2017 clothing line for us. ChampSys
      has recently started dealing directly with Tripleshot, and become a key
      sponsor for the newly launched Tripleshot Performance Program. So
      here’s your opportunity to meet the Champ-Sys team and for them to help
      you determine what kit you want/need.

      Samples will be available so that you can check sizing in advance of our
      upcoming spring kit order. Fitting rooms with mirrors will be
      available. Will this be the year that you move up from club-cut to
      race-cut? 😉

      So drop in for snacks, a bevvie, and endless discussion on the finer
      points of cycling kit. It’s a cash bar, but there will be free finger
      food. Heck, if you get there early your kids can even swim for
      (until 5 pm) while you nosh, drink, and discuss lycra.

      The Tripleshot Management

    • Hi Ross – apologies for the late response; pls watch the Forum for notice on the kit order. Once it’s up, you will be able to see everything that is available, thanks!

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