Friday: Waterfront

6:00 am @ Oak Bay High School driveway off Cadboro Bay Road across from Epworth Street (2121 Cadboro Bay Road).

Roll out is no later than 6:05 am sharp.

All rides end at 7:15 am. Post ride coffee @ Shoal Point Moka House.

There are A, B and C rides.

A-Group Average Speed: 35-38 km/h.

Route: Shelbourne, Blenkinsop, around Mt. Doug, up Ash Road, back along the waterfront. Usually a strong pace line to Beacon then all out for 6 laps around the circle.

B-Group Average Speed: 30-34 km/h.

Route: Same as the A group. Two up pace line back to Beacon Hill Park, finishing with four laps of the park.

C-Group Average Speed: 26-28 km/h.

Route: Same as A & B ride, except continue straight on Shelbourne, turn right on Ash Road, back along the waterfront.  Finish with no drop pace line down Dallas from King George then all out for a couple laps of Beacon Hill Drive.  We always ride to the pace of the slowest rider, making this a great ride for an introduction to group riding.

Start Location:

A Route: Shelbourne, Blenkinsop, Waterfront.

B Route: Shelbourne, Waterfront.
Same as A ride, except continue straight on Shelbourne, turn left on Ash.