Saturday: Hammerfest

Tripleshot Rides are indefinitely suspended due to COVID-19

Start: 6:00 am @ Cook St. Starbucks

End: 9:00 – 9:30 am @ Café Fantastico, Dockside Green

Speed: This ride goes at as fast a pace as they can manage for close to 100 km.  This is technically a drop ride, though it has been known to wait up for people, especially over the top of Panorama Hill.

Route: Route may vary.  Typically, it is waterfront to Mattick’s Farm. Then head up the east side of the peninsula to Land’s End and around to the west side and back down. Back in along West Saanich, Interurban and the Goose. Sometimes the group will ride to Metchosin or the Highlands for a change of pace.