Thursday: UVic Team Time Trial

Start: 6:00 am at small pullout just inside the UVic ring road

End: 7:00 – 7:10 am, post-ride coffee at Pure Vanilla on Cadboro Bay Road

An increasingly popular ride for all levels and great for anybody willing to suffer starting at 6:05 am…… and you don’t have to know how to turn right! Groups of 4-5 riders of similar abilities leave at roughly 30 second intervals with the faster groups leaving last in an attempt to catch the group(s) ahead. It is the one Tripleshot ride where you can mix it up with the A’s. The idea is to ride quickly, smoothly and arrive together at the finish line at the top of the hill near the stop sign – yes, there is a hill on the UVic ring road.

As of spring 2016, three sets of 5 laps are completed with a recovery lap after each set. Each pace line hugs the left hand curb with front riders peeling away to the right; passing groups do so on the right while staying in the left lane. The ride is great for learning/polishing communication and group riding skills. If it is your first time out, just ask for assistance and a group will be found for you. We sometimes juggle the groups after the first set to fit in late-comers or find more appropriate groups for faster/slower riders.

Start Location:

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