Ride ‘Levels’ Explained

“C ride”
This is the ride for you if you are completely new to group riding. The pace and the setting will be friendly, and there will often be some experienced riders here to help you out and give you some pointers along the way. You will not be left on your own.  Average speed for this ride is typically around 25km/h.

“B rides” 

All B rides are no-drop rides. Every rider is responsible for making sure the slowest rider in the group is kept with the group.

B1-B3 rides are faster than C but gather up after hills and sprints.  B3 tends to ride two-up.  B1 tends to use a rotating paceline.  While B1 can be quite brisk, B rides tend to provide a friendly, social setting and all are no-drop rides, no exceptions. Average speed for B rides is typically 27-32km/h. At times in the summer, B rides will hold various learn-to-race games, such as “hares and hounds”, to teach group riding and racing skills.

“A rides”

All A rides are drop rides. Don’t expect the group to wait for you if you fall behind, unless you fall behind due to a mechanical or the group being separated by a light or traffic.

The A1 ride is typically a hard paced rolling paceline for those looking for a tough training ride. The ability level of this group is typically cat3, strong cat 4. Race tactics including attacks and chases may occur throughout the ride, and the group is often considerably thinned by the time it reaches its end.  This is a drop ride.  Average speed of these rides is 36-42km/h over rolling terrain.

The A2 ride is typically a bit slower than A1 and typically smoother, with fewer race tactics employed.  The typical ability level of this ride is cat4 with strong group riding experience. This is a drop ride, though typically this group shows more mercy on stragglers than does A1.  Lead riders may slow a bit at the top of Ash or King George Terrace, but don’t expect them to stop and wait. Average speed of these rides is typically 32-37km/h over rolling terrain.